Plan your day

Are you new to running and racing?

This page will help you prepare and plan your run day in advance.

Run mornings can be stressful. By preparing in advance you can alleviate unnecessary stress you may experience.

Things to consider
  • Pick up your race kit as early as possible.
  • Don’t wear or try anything new on run morning (old, experienced clothes, eat your usual breakfast)
  • Prepare your clothing the night before and pin your bib to the front of your top.
  • Figure out how you are getting to the run and what time you need to be there.
  • Make sure you know what time your wave starts, and what time you have to be ready in your corral. Click here to view start times.
  • Everyone will be given a clear plastic bag when you pickup your race kit to use for your dry/spare clothes (for security reasons this is the only bag you can use to check your belongings). Know where to drop your bag off at the start line and remember to pin on the bag tag that is attached to your bib.
  • Make a plan with your friends and family about where to meet post-run as Coronation Park is a large space and will be very crowded. With this number of people in a relatively small area, cell phone signals can be limited.

Things to bring on run day

  • Your bib (make sure it is pinned to the front of your shirt, so run officials and photographers can see it)
  • Your running shoes
  • A piece of ID. We recommend you do not bring any other personal items, however, if you do please check them in your bag. PLEASE NOTE: We are not responsible for lost or damaged items
  • Don’t forget to bring a TTC token or $3.25 cash to get home after the run
  • A clean, dry shirt to change into after the run in case it is raining or cold on run day (only if you are bringing a bag to check)
  • Family and friends – having your family and friends waiting for you after the run will make the celebration that much more special and memorable!

Things you should leave at home

  • Your pet (due to safety reasons, we do not allow dogs in the run)
  • Food and drink – We have plenty of water available for you at the start line, along the route, and at the finish line. There is also Gatorade and food available for you at the party site, so you don’t need to pack any!
  • Don’t bring any valuables/don’t leave any valuables with your stuff if you are checking a bag. The Sporting Life 10k is not responsible for any lost items.

Getting to the start line
Leave plenty of time to get to the Start Area, as many other people will be driving or getting dropped off in the area and traffic might be backed up. Pre-plan your route in advance.

Arrive EARLY! Plan to arrive at least one hour prior to the start. This is the largest run in Toronto and will provide you with an experience like no other! Remember to give yourself plenty of time as there will be 23,000 people in this event, so everything from toilets to driving will take longer than normal.

We strongly recommend that you carpool, cab it or take the TTC Yonge St. bus as there is limited parking on the side streets near the start line.

Options for getting to the start line
1) Take the TTC Yonge St bus up to the start line – check the TTC website for bus schedules and bus. There are lots of 24 hour streetcars and other buses to get you to Yonge St. Visit the TTC website for more details! This is important because the Subway DOES NOT operate on Sunday until 8:00AM.

TTC Yonge St bus corrected routing on Run Day:

97-320 YONGE Bus: Southbound \ Northbound:

By 7:00AM Yonge St. will be closed to all traffic between the King St. and Eglinton Ave. intersections. At this time, buses operating on the 97-320 Yonge route may be required to divert in both directions via:

Northbound Route: North on Yonge St., east on Adelaide St., north on Church St., east on Bloor St., north on Mt. Pleasant Rd, west on Lawrence St., north on Yonge St. to route.

Southbound Route: South on Yonge St., east on Lawrence Ave., south on Mt. Pleasant Rd, west on Charles St. E., south on Church St., west on Wellington St., south on Bay St. to route

2) Park in one of the parking lots near Yonge St. and Eglinton Ave. and walk south to the start line. Then after the run, take our complimentary shuttle bus at Ontario Place Blvd. & Lakeshore Blvd. (available from 8:30AM – 11:00AM) to St. Andrew subway station and then take the TTC back to Eglinton Ave. Remember to bring a TTC token or $3.25 cash fare.

PLEASE do consider the neighbourhoods we are running through and DO NOT block someone’s driveway.

3) Take a cab. Be sure to call a cab a few minutes before you are to leave. Sometimes it can take 15 mins for a cab to arrive, so be sure to leave ample time. You don’t want to be rushing before the run.

There is no bag check at the finish line — either leave your bag in your car, or bring it up to the start line and check it. It will be transported to the finish area where it will be waiting for you after you have completed your run!

Parking at the finish line
Parking is available at Ontario Place in Parking Lot 1 ($15 charge applies). Parking is also available at Exhibition Place for $15.

Run day road closures
Due to the large scale of the event there will be several road closures on Sunday, May 10. Please allow additional travel time to reach your destination especially if you need to get across Yonge Street between Eglinton and Adelaide St. and/or travel on Lakeshore Blvd.

Click here for road closure information on Yonge St between Eglinton Ave. and Richmond St.

Click here for road closure information From Richmond St. West to Fort York Blvd.  

For information regarding access lanes please see maps below:

Birch Ave, Gange Ave. and Cottingham St Access Lanes

East Side of Yonge St. between Roxborough St. and Rosehill Ave

Charles St East Access Lanes

560 580 Front St Access Lanes

Fort York Blvd. between Fleet St. and Bathurst St. 

Shuttle buses
If you have paid for a PRE-RACE shuttle bus to the start line, please CLICK HERE for shuttle bus information and the schedule.

Finding your family and friends after the run
Once you cross the finish line, you continue south across Lakeshore Blvd. and into Coronation Park for the Post Run Party where you will receive your finisher medal, water, food and sponsor offerings. This is also the location where you can meet your family and friends. The Family and Friends reunion zone will be located in the middle baseball diamond near the stage.

Code of conduct
Competitors must at all times obey the rules of the event as described by the race organizer and be courteous and respectful of other competitors, officials, volunteers, spectators, organizers, and members of the public.

The consequence of breaking the above and other rules of competition will depend on the severity of the infraction, and will be entirely at the discretion of Sporting Life race officials.

Run etiquette

  • Line up in your assigned corral based on how fast you plan to run or walk the event. Slower participants should position themselves at the back of the corral.
  • If you need to shed layers of clothing at the start of the race, tie them around your waist or put them in the donation bins on the side of the road. If you drop your clothing, don’t expect to get it back. We will collect all discarded clothing and donate it to charity.
  • If you want to pass someone, say “excuse me” or “on your left” and pass on the left.
  • If you hear someone say “excuse me” or “on your left”, move to the right and allow the person to pass without blocking their effort.
  • If you need to stop for any reason (tie your shoe, stretch, etc.), put your hand up to alert those behind you and move to the side of the road.
  • Yield the right of way to all police and emergency vehicles. Yield the course to wheelchair athletes, as you can change direction or stop more quickly than they can (especially on a downhill).
  • If you are wearing headphones, please keep them at a low volume so you can hear instructions from race officials and/or emergency personnel.
  • Say “Thank you” to as many volunteers as possible.

Aid station etiquette

  • When approaching a hydration station, move to the side of the road, get your water and keep moving.
  • There will be multiple water tables so if the first table is busy, KEEP MOVING to the next one.
  • Throw your used cup to the side of the road as close to the garbage cans as possible.
  • If you see someone in distress on the course, report their bib number to the aid station and let them know where you saw them (if it is serious, consider staying with the person).

Finish line etiquette

  • Once you have crossed the finish line – KEEP MOVING forward until you exit the finish chute.
  • Follow the instructions of the race officials in the finish chute.
  • The finish area is a very busy place. Plan to meet family, friends and other runners outside the finish chute at a pre-determined location at the party site. There is a Family and Friends Zone located on the middle baseball diamond in Coronation Park.
  • Only registered runners with a bib will be able to cross the line and be in the chute and finish area. NO EXCEPTIONS!

Spectator information

Spectator Information Along the Route

Heath Street Cheering Station

There will be pop-up entertainment station at Yonge St and Heath St.,located at 1570 Yonge Street, NW corner of Yonge and Heath, in front of Christ Church Deer Park. Join the party between 7:30AM and 10:00AM on Sunday, May 12 to cheer on the runners. We’re excited that 102.1 The Edge will bring music again this year to keep the runner’s spirits up, up, up! There will be food, drinks, games, and fun. Dogs and kids welcome.

Crossing Points for Spectators

Please note that there will be limited spectator crossing points near the finish line.

Fort York Blvd and Bathurst Street – Please note you will be unable to cross the race route on Fort York Boulevard between Bathurst St. and Lakeshore Blvd. Spectators may cross the route at Front Street and Portland Street using the pedestrian footbridge, or cross at Lakeshore Blvd.

Cheering Spots at the Finish

The Finish Line will be located on Fort York Blvd, west of Bathurst Street and north of Fleet Street/Lakeshore Blvd.

Spectator viewing will be available on either side of Fort York Blvd, however there is limited viewing from the South Side.

To access the north side of Fort York Blvd from the Coronation Park (Party Site) – travel north on Strachan Avenue from Lakeshore Road, turn right onto Fleet Street, turn left onto Fort York Blvd. Follow the sidewalk behind the medical tent and past the finish line. Spread out along Fort York Blvd towards Bathurst Street.

To access the south side of Fort York Blvd from the Coronation Park (Party Site) – take the sidewalk on the east side of Fort York Blvd from Lakeshore Blvd, head north towards Bathurst Street.

Please note that there is limited viewing on the south side of Fort York Blvd due to the live traffic lane. Spectators have two choices from the south side. Either remain on the sidewalk to cheer your loved ones, or make your way to Fort York Blvd and Bathurst Street. There is spectator viewing which is barricaded for the safety of spectators.

Click here for Spectator Viewing Points

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