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Why do you still run for Ooch? Share your story on social media.

Do you still run for a friend? A family member? To spread the magic of camp? The #SL10K community is still together even when we’re apart—so show the world how you’re running your 10k your way this May!

Tag @campoochigeas and @sportinglifeca on Instagram

Tag Camp Ooch and Sporting Life on Facebook

Use #SL10K and #WeStillRunForOoch on all platforms

Check out our awesome social resources—like Facebook frames for your profile, fundraising milestones, training tips, and Giphy stickers for your Instagram stories!

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1. Click to download any of the below resources and save the image to your computer or phone.

2. Once the files are on your phone, launch Instagram and create a new Story.

3. Elect to choose an image from your phone’s library, and select the #SL10K image you have chosen.

4. Once the image is loaded, tap to type and fill in the fields necessary.

5. When you are finished, post the photo to your story—and make sure to tag @campoochigeas, @sportinglifeca, and use #SL10K and #WeStillRunForOoch

#SL10K Virtual Run Overview